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Who You Gonna Call????

We got together today and worked on the website as well as defined roles for managing the site.

What you need to know is we are constantly updating our website to ensure the information is correct and relevant, but we are only human and we need your help.


You find a mistake

You are committee member or group leader who needs to add something to your page

You have an MQG story you want to share on the blog

You know of a class (at a local shop etc) we all need to know about

Basically anything that pertains to the website...

Send an email to

We want to make sure we put our website to good use and it is an excellent tool for communicating, but first you need to get the information to us. Oh and remember, we are not paid staff so be patient with us and we will get to it all...eventually.


Joni, Tava and Vida

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