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UFO Challenge

As quilters we all have many incomplete projects (UFO) in our sewing rooms. The UFO Challenge is a motivational tool for us to finish them. If you have projects, you aren’t sure what to do with after completing, we are sure the Quilts 4 Kids or the Comfort Quilts will be happy to accept your finished projects.

Rules and Regulations

All UFO’s are eligible as long as you have started/ cut into prior to the starting date of the challenge dates.

Kits are eligible, started or not, as long as you purchased them the starting date of the challenge dates.

Fall challenge from August, 2023 to December, 2023. Spring Challenge from January 2024 to May 2024.

Fill out the UFO form with a brief description of your UFO. There is no limit to the number of UFO’s you register- just use another piece of paper. For each finished UFO, your name will be placed in a drawing for a gift certificate.

CHAIR: Nancy Terwilliger-Grube

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