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Library Update

Your librarians, Louise Rhode and Vickie Christie, have worked to cull books that did not generate a lot of interest in order to make room for new books. This said, many of the books we have culled are very interesting and have many good ideas in them. In October we will hold a book sale, and we ask that guild members come ready to buy some books. Being ready means having cash, preferably in the form of fives, tens, and one dollar bills. The money we generate will be used to buy some new books for the library.

We hope to update the books, freshen the library and to do so we need guild members’ help. We hope to cover the major “genres” of quilting (design, embellishment, fabric art, piecing (of several varieties, appliqué, etc.), as well as major, new, fresh designers. If you have book or an artist that you would like to be included, would you please give us the author and title, preferably in an e-mail to both of us that would allow us to quickly find the book you are recommending? We can’t promise to buy everything recommended, but we would like to hear from you about what most interests you and we will do our best to adhere to your interests.

So, stay tuned. Your new library is coming soon!

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