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ETC Committee

Wondering how you can get more involved in the Missoula Quilt Guild, the ETC committee is in need of two more members. Members serve a three-term. If you are interested, please contact Nancy Terwilliger-Grube, Chair, Francine Miller-Co-Chair, Jodi Bowser, Marilyn Likes, or Jewel Kodilla. Meetings are schedule for October 31 and December 5 at Nancy’s home at 2648 Fleet St. Further meeting dates will be determined.

Thelma Moyer will be presenting a Trunk Show at the Wednesday, October 11, and teaching a class at A Clean Stitch on the 12. The class was limited to 12 members and all slots have been filled. ETC committee will be meeting with Thelma at 4:30 at Stone of Accord for dinner on October 11. Other members are welcome to come and dinner will be on your own.

The Committee members have contacted several teachers and we will keep you informed of who, what and when we may have them teaching classes.

If you have ideas for classes that you would like to have offered or teachers that you would like to see teach a class, please let one of the committee members know.

The ETC committee has developed a document showing all the classes and teachers that the Guild has had since 2011.

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