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Changes for Comfort Quilts

We are excited to announce Comfort Quilts has formed a committee and are charting a new course for impacting our community.

A huge THANK YOU to Sally Wright for her many contributions to Comfort Quilts. Your generosity of spirit is extraordinary and we appreciate you so much.

We are excited to welcome Cris Stobb to her new role in leading Comfort Quilts' new formed committee. Committee members include: Cris Stob, Helen Treichel, Anna Waller, Rhonda Maun, Tava Smathers, Toddy Gladwin, Linda Gooley and Jo Glockner.

Comfort Quilts is expanding their partnerships to include not only Community Medical Center Oncology, but also St. Patrick Hospital Oncology, Butte Child Protective Services and the new hospice center being built on North Reserve. This means they are going to be looking for help with sewing and donations from all of us. Donations can include but are not limited to backing, completed tops, kits or panels you are no longer in love with and of course monetary contributions.

If you want to donate a quilt, try to keep them close to a lap size (50"x 60"). Comfort Quilts need quilts for men, women and children. Volunteers are needed for cutting kits, sewing tops, long arm quilting and binding.

For more details on how to get involved with Comfort Quilts, visit their page on our website and submit your contact information so we can get you connected.

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