Our monthly meetings are held on the Second Wednesday of each month at the Fairbridge Conference Center at 6:30 pm September through May.

Our monthly meetings keep us all connected and "in the know".  We typically have an informational/educational program; a program might even be a "PIG" auction, rummage sale or demo night.  We also have announcements, refreshment break to visit with the members and best of all Show & Tell.  We try our best to keep the meetings fun and exciting.  Feel free to stop by as a guest for any meeting.

Fat Quarter Basket - Each month we give you a clue for the color of fabric.  Bring one or two fat quarters to the meeting.  For each fat quarter you place in the basket you enter your name in the drawing.  Before the end of the meeting we draw for the winner. 

Lending Library – The Guild has a lending library of over 300 books, rulers and DVDs that can be checked out on a monthly basis.  The library is open at the meetings.

Name tags – Please make a name tag so we can all learn each others names. Feel free to use any technique you desire. Pin on your quilt pins for completed projects and quilt show entries. Wear it to meetings, classes and quilt shows.

Quilt (safety) Pins – you’ll notice people walking around with safety pins attached to their name tags. Each pin represents a finished project that was shown during the Show & Tell portion of the Guild meeting.

Refreshments – The treats available during the meeting break are provided by guild members. Please sign up and bring your tasty treats! 

Show & Tell – At each meeting members bring their completed projects and place them on the Show & Tell table. Show & Tell begins with a group showing of all the Community Outreach Projects quilts & pillows.  Then we have individual showing of the members items.  When your item is shown, go to the front of the room, identify yourself and tell a little bit about the item….. inspiration, pattern, who quilted it, who will receive the beautiful gift…….. you get the idea. 

ETC (Education, Teachers & Classes)  - This committee works to bring us teachers and classes.  They also keep us informed on commercial classes and shows.  You can find a list of the local shops and links to their websites on our Quilt Businesses page.