Interest Groups

Flock Block –The Flock Block exchange started several years ago with a group of guild members exchanging blocks of appliquéd or pieced poultry, hence, the name of the exchange. The group meets twice a year, once the last week of April and once the last week of October. Generally the group has been about 12 people, so each person makes 12 blocks that are in a theme and/or color picked out by the group. At the exchange, we each get a block from the other participants, so we take home one of ours and 11 blocks made by each of the others. Please join us for a fun exchange. We'd love to have you!  Current contact is Donna Britzius 406-396-5982

Peace Quilters - One of the main yearly projects of this group is working with the Jeanette Rankin Peace Center to create a quilt for the winner of Missoula's Peacemaker of the Year.
Current Contact is Suzanne Sterrett    406-214-2441

Stitchers in the Dark - This group meets once a year in February; the meeting is potluck, and the date and location are announced a month or two before at a guild meeting. Everyone participating fills out a sheet of paper indicating their name, address, birth date, favorite colors, patterns, fabric designers, block size, style of block, etc. Then everyone draws a name other than their own. During the year each person constructs 12 blocks to be given to the person whose name they drew. You are always welcome to send this person a card for their birthday if you like, but the fun of it is to keep your identity hidden so the person you are sewing for does not know who you are. In February, when we meet again, everyone takes turns laying out their blocks, and gives hints and people have to guess if the blocks are theirs or not. Then the whole cycle starts over again. 
Current Contact is Kathy Klinge 406-240-9270