Spring 2018 Retreat Registration Form

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MARCH 21 TO MARCH 25, 2018





NAME:  _______________________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________________


PHONE: _______________________________ EMAIL: ________________________________________


EMERGENCY CONTACT: _______________________________________________________________


DIETARY RESTRICTIONS: ______________________________________________________________


You must pay for retreat in full before you are added to the retreat guest list.

If you need to cancel at any time prior to retreat, you must find out if there is a waiting list.  If there is not a list, you may find someone to take your place. If your spot is filled from either the waiting list or finding a replacement, your payment amount will be refunded in full when the replacement person’s payment is received.

Space is limited to 30 ladies.  20 spots are reserved for Msla Quilters Guild, 10 from A Thread Runs Thru It Guild.  Those amounts may vary according to applications received.

You must be a guild member to register for retreat.

Rates for retreat are:                     


4 Nights

3 Nights













Above rates are subject to change if number of ladies in a room changes each night.

I will not assign 2 or 4 to a room unless requested. If you want 2 or 4 ladies in your room, you must make arrangements with your roommates and give me a list of names for your room.

If no specification, then you will be assigned 3 ladies to a room.

Let me know if you have any roommate requests.

Please specify number of nights and number of ladies in your room:


            # nights______________________   # ladies __________________________

Meals are brunch & dinner that are served starting on Thursday night through Sunday brunch.


Please let me know if you wish to have a massage: Yes____ No____


Make your check payable to Missoula Quilters Guild

Please return this form with your deposit or payment in full to:

            Rhonda Maun

            4230 North Ave West

            Missoula, MT  59804

You can call or email me at 406.239.5920 or rmaun5920@msn.com

Fat Quarter Themes

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Fat Quarters 2017-2018

Missoula Quilters Guild


October:  This Montana native tree is in the Larch family. It is the only coniferous tree that loses its needles annually, but not before turning a beautiful golden color. Tamarack Tree—Gold.

November:  This animal is the Official Montana State Animal. A male can weigh up to 800 lbs., can be 3 ½ ft. high at the shoulder and has an identifying hump on its back. Commonly known as the Grizzly Bear because of the grizzled appearance of its fur. North American Brown Bear—Browns and Tans.

December:  A bright red wildflower that grows in alpine meadows and slopes from April to September. In Native American folklore the flowers sprouted from paintbrushes left scattered on the landscape by a Brave who wanted to paint the brilliance of nature. Scarlet or Indian Paintbrush—Red.

January:  This bird is in the raptor family, is our National Bird and is unique to North America. It takes about 5 years to attain solid white tail and head feathers, which is where its name originates from. It has a blackish-brown body, a wingspan of up to 7.5 feet and feeds mostly on fish. Bald Eagle—Black or White.

February:  This plant is the Montana State Flower. It has a pink blossom that grows close to the ground in drier climate valleys. Discovered by Merriweather Lewis in 1805, Native Americans used the dried roots as a vital part of their diet. Bitterroot Flower—Pink.

March:  This bird is seen in Montana in the spring in meadows and open areas. The male is a brilliant color while the female is mostly grey. Their flight pattern is a hovering and darting pattern because they mostly feed on live insects. A pair is monogamous with both taking care of their young nestled in birdhouses or tree cavities. Mountain Blue Bird—Blue.

April:  This coniferous tree averages 100-150’ tall and is the Montana State Tree. An evergreen, it has needles that are 5-10” long and when crushed they smell of citrus and turpentine. The orange-brown thick bark resembles a jigsaw puzzle and can be more fire resistant than other trees.  Ponderosa Pine—Green.

May:  This 9 ½” bird is in the Blackbird family and is the Montana State Bird. Both male and female have a black “V” on their bright yellow chests with brown, black and white spotted wings. Living mostly in open grasslands and around marshes, the females build their nest on the ground and cover it with grass for camouflage. They also have a complex beautiful song. Western Meadowlark—Yellow.

Thank you for playing—Dolores and Karen


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Bonnie Hunter Classes September 27, 28 & 29, 2018
The Missoula Quilters Guild is pleased to announce Bonnie Hunter's trunk show and three days of classes.  Her trunk show is Thursday, September 27 and is free to guild members;  cost for non-members is $10.  Thursday's class is Mai Tais in Paradise.  Friday is My Blue Heaven.  Saturday is Talkin' Turkey.  Classes are $65 each for MQG members and $75 for non-members.  Member registration will begin at the September 2017 guild meeting with payment accepted at the time of registration.  Members may sign up for two classes and request wait listings for the third.  Non-member registration will begin February 1, 2018.

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